Austin Trikke Products – Trikke Fairings and Skins

Austin Trikke Skins LogoThe Trikke Tribred Pone-‘s optional fairing adds body and is an instant eye catcher.  The translucent design lends a sleek look to your Trikke Pon-e and does not impede folding ability.

COMING SOON! “Trikke Skins”
Skins are removable and reusable decals and allow unlimited personalization of the Trikke Vehicle for consumer, business and event or branding uses. Trikke will soon offer a web service for consumers to buy from an online library of custom designs, or create their own skins. We also introduce dvd recorder with tuner so that our consumers check out our collection easily.

Austin Trikke Skins
The Trikke Fairings Tribred Pon-e’s optional fairing provides a translucent design that gives your Pon-e a sleek and more defined profile. Fairing are swappable between models. The 36v Fairing come with prefixed Trikke Skins. The 48v Fairing are blank for the client to customize.

Austin Trikke 36v Fairing Colors Trikke Tribred Pon-e 36v colors

Austin Trikke 48v Fairing Colors Trikke Tribred Pon-e 48v colors

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Applications

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Applications

Inventive Trikke users have been coming up with all kinds of ways to put it to use.  Have a look, and think about ways that a Trikke can be an effective tool and part of your own Lifestyle. For inspiration on to incorporate a Trikke in to your Lifestyle, take a look at our Photo Gallery.

To find the perfect Trikke  for your Lifestyle visit Trikke Products.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Schools
SCHOOL PHYS ED:  It’s a long way from the old days of dodge ball and square dances for PE.  The Trikke 3-wheel cambering vehicle’s combination of arm thrust, shifting of body weight, timing, balance and twisting work a number of different muscle groups while also providing a cardiovascular workout.  Physical educators have been finding that kids of all ages, sizes and skill levels can benefit from a Trikke session, while having a great time along the way.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Security
SECURITY:  For a mall, an airport, a parking lot or an office park, security people need visibility and mobility.  The Pon-e Trikke offers both, with an upright riding stance and speeds up to 18 mph.  A security officer on a Trikke can weave safely in and out of crowds, get the Trikke onto an elevator if necessary and patrol in near-total silence (when stealth is important).

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Austin Trikke Lifestyle Resorts

RESORTS:  Security or maintenance staffs at resorts or golf courses often need to get from one place to another in a hurry.  With a Pon-e Trikke, your security people are visible (with the upright riding stance), and can get around quickly (up to 18 mph) and quietly (when stealth is a priority). Guest will enjoy the availability of Trikke Rentals, allowing them to tour the resort and surrounding areas with ease and conveniences.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Tours

TOURS: Take groups out on a riding tour of scenic locations or rent them on an individual basis. Our bright colours and optional fairing provide a riding billboard for you and easy exposure marketing within your advertising department! If you are a true theist and carry bible all the time then you should carry with cover. You can checkout our bible covers for women, if you need to buy one.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Camping

CAMPING:  After hours behind the wheel of an RV, to your camp site, You not only want to explore the place where you’ve just arrived; you want to get some exercise.  You probably don’t want to go to a gym, but you could use a good low-impact workout. Why not get on a Trikke and burn some calories while you’re sightseeing?   It’s easy to store, easy to ride and just plain fun to use.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Police

POLICE:  Police departments everywhere have been utilizing Trikkes as patrol vehicles.  It gives officers a level of stealth that can be very useful, and is even more flexible for patrol work than bicycles.  At 38 lbs., the Trikke Tribred can easily be transported in the trunk of a patrol car, and is much appreciated by athletically-minded officers for its agility and sportiness.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Warehouses

WAREHOUSES:  Anybody who’s worked in a big warehouse or distribution center knows that they can seem endlessly big.  A Trikke Pon-e can get your pickers, stockers and pullers where they need to be a lot quicker, increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Events

EVENTS: Whether you’re support staff at a concert, or you’re hosting a large event…Getting from place to place to prepare and set-up for your event on the maneuverable and efficient with a Trikke.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Boating

BOATING: Sailing or motoring into a new port? Need to run to the sail locker? The Trikke Tribred is the ultra portable transportation that will get you from your boat to the Yacht Club and the grocery store.

Austin Trikke Lifestyle Exercise

EXERCISE: Easy to use and suitable for riders of all ages, Trikkes are about fun and convenience. And they offer so much more. If you choose the human powered Trikke, you’ll be amazed at the benefits to your health and general well-being it can offer.

As new uses and new users have appeared for the Trikke, it’s taken on new facets in many people’s lives.  It’s not only a way to get around…it’s physical therapy for many.  Riders with ailments like Parkinson’s, prosthetic feet and legs, multiple sclerosis, damaged knees or hips and morbid obesity have found new mobility and new exhilaration on this unique vehicle.

And that’s not even thinking about all the ways that people use Trikkes as a lifestyle!

Uses for your Trikke:

Airport Travel
Mobility for Physically Challenged
Sporting Events
Newspapers/Phonebook/Mail Delivery
Walking your Pets
And More!!!

To find the perfect Trikke  for your Lifestyle visit Trikke Products.

Trikke Services

Austin Trikke Services – Training and Sales


With its stable tripod stance, the Trikke isn’t hard to get used to. It’s stable enough, though, for some riders to get overconfident and possibly get into trouble. Austin Trikke offers a full range of Trikke  Training, from basic movement to advanced techniques (including uphill climbing). We can also help you in deciding which Trikke Product is the right fit for you.

We generally break training down into a few different steps:

Level 1: Orientation

We’ll discuss safety issues and get you up to speed on the basics of how the Trikke moves and builds momentum.  We can spot the common problems that beginners usually run across, and help you correct them so you won’t have to unlearn any bad habits down the line (or get frustrated and just quit).

Level 2: Intermediate

This is where we refine your basic Trikke skills and start to look into other techniques to help improve your skills.  We have several Trikke “asanas” that can help improve your form and advance your skills and riding experience.  You’ll learn how to deal with situations that might come up once you’re out on the open road or trails, and we can repeat this class as many times as needed until you’re feeling safe and comfortable with the techniques we cover. As we all know that practice makes a man perfect. You need to put sincere efforts. Many people get assistance from when it comes to real estate investment. However we assist you to make your ride enjoyable.

Level 3: Advanced

Now we’ll work on advanced “asanas” and you’ll get some experience with Trikke hill climbing and acceleration.  You’ll get sharper skills and keener instincts on the Trikke and get better with the fluid motion that’s at the core of Trikke technique.  Remember the phrase “Preservation of Angular Motion” – it’s very important!


Austin Trikke Freedom in Motion


Austin Trikke is a Sells Representative for We offer a full line of Trikke models, from the Trikke BVP T5 kids to the full-size T12 Roadster, as well as the Trikke Electric Hybrid & the Trikke Skki. There is a Trikke designed to meet everyone’s Lifestyle & Athletic ability.

The Trikke’s carving action comes intuitively for some people, but for others it takes a little getting used to.  Trikke dealers will about always have a couple of certified trainers on staff, and can help you get up to speed on your Trikke skills with a training session or two.  There’s also a safety issue, like with any vehicle; part of your training will also discuss that end of things.  At the very least, most Trikke dealers recommend basic safety equipment for all riders. Contract your Austin Trikke Dealer  at, or (512) 695-2576. for more information on purchasing a Trikke Product.

About Us

Austin Trikke About Us

We started Austin Trikke with a vision for getting Austinites behind a new, fun idea. Trikkes are more than a somewhat odd-looking way to get around. They’re a great (fun!) way to get some exercise without your knees, ankles and hips taking a beating. They’re an ingenious feat of engineering. They’re a good way to take a car off the road, a car that you’d otherwise be using to get from A to B. And…they’re just plain exhilarating fun.

The Trikke is about the width of a downtown sidewalk, but it’s also a good fit for bike lanes on Austin streets. It comes in a number of different models, for riders of all ages, sizes and all skill levels. It’s lightweight, flexible, foldable (for storage) and fun. Imagine getting a good workout while you’re rolling at about 15 mph or so, and you’ve got an idea of the Trikke Lifestyle.

Austin Trikke’s Owner

Khang Nguyen saw his first Trikke several years ago and it immediately spiked his imagination. He saw the potential of the Trikke not only as a way to get around, but a way to keep fit and burn calories. As a physically-oriented guy himself, Khang saw how the Trikke had distinct advantages over skateboards, bicycles or scooters and felt compelled to get trained on one (“there’s a little more to it than you might think”).

Khang now owns several Trikkes and has started his young niece on one too (although she rides the Electric Hybrid model). “I hate driving,” Khang remarks. “I drive all the time for work, from one town to the next…if I need to go to the store or Wal-Mart and don’t want to drive, I take my Trikke.”

Contact Austin Trikke


Austin Trikke.. Its Your Move

Khang Nguyen:
Certified Austin Trikke Sales & Trainer

Round Rock, TX 78664
          Tel: 512-695-2576


Austin Trikke Tips

1. Do wear a helmet. Even if you feel a little ridiculous, it’s better than a concussion.
2. Remember that a right turn means shifting your weight to your left foot, and vice versa.
This is one of the trickiest things for new riders to get used to.
3. Keep the handlebars parallel to your shoulders. When you’re first starting out, keep the handlebars low.
4. Don’t move the entire steering column to the left and right – turn only the handlebars.
5. Relax! Don’t be too stiff or inflexible on the Trikke. The motion needs to be fluid and almost intuitive.
6. Don’t pull back on the handlebars unless you’re also applying the brakes. This can land you flat on your back.
7. Don’t jerk forwards and backwards to try to get forward momentum.
8. Keep your body straight and relaxed. Don’t lean back or crouch forward on the Trikke.
9. If you’re having trouble getting momentum, kick with one foot as a push-off,
    but keep turning the handlebars right and left using your shoulders and upper body.
10. Don’t give up! For a lot of people, it takes a little while to get a mastery of riding the Trikke. Once you do, though, you’ll be fine.


Austin Trikke FAQ

1. How can I tell which model would be a good fit?
Answer: Talk to your Trikke dealer about your expectations, your fitness level and the type of riding you’re going to be doing, then come on down and try one out firsthand.

2. Can you climb hills on a Trikke?
Answer: But it does take training and practice. Keeping the forward momentum takes timing and technique. Watch the videos, then try it yourself and you’ll soon find out.

3. What kind of workout does the Trikke give you?
Answer: It’s no impact, just a lot of muscle and joint work, especially for the core and legs. It’s also a great way to burn calories and lose weight!

4. Is the Trikke safer than roller blades or skateboards?
Answer: Think about the balance issues of a skateboard, and the fact that you don’t have brakes…or the two-point stance of roller blades (and wheels strapped to your feet). The Trikke Technology has a three-point tripod stance that doesn’t even requite much balance, as well as hand brakes for the rear wheels.

5. Should I choose a Trikke over a bike?
Answer: Well, that’s your call. We’ll just say, though, that your butt will thank you if you go with a Trikke. Most of my friends enjoy indoor go karting via Every individual has its own interest.

6. What maintenance is required?
Answer: There’s not much maintenance at all. Check the pressure in the tires and top them off as needed. There are also a couple of points on the Trikke that require periodic lubrication.

7. What is the warranty like?
Answer: Trikke models come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Remember that modifying the Trikke will null the warranty.

8. How safe is the Trikke?
Answer: Any Trikke Product can be unsafe if you are reckless or aren’t careful. Know your limitations, wear a helmet, read the owner’s manual and get yourself trained before you get too far along on one.

9. Is the Trikke a good cardio workout?
Answer: It all depends on how hard you want to work it. and the lifestyle in which you use your Trikke. A moderate pace on the Trikke can get your cardiopulmonary system up to a safe level of exertion.

10. Are the rubber tires or solid polyurethane wheels better for a beginner?
Answer: That’s a subjective question that will depend on what kind of surface you’re going to ride on, how determined you are to move forward and what you’re expecting out of the Trikke Lifestyle.

Austin Trikke Electric Hybrid


Austin Trikke Products – Trikke Electric Hybrid “Pon-e”

Austin Trikke Electric HybridUltra light Personal Trikke Electric Hybrid for the On the Go Individual

Austin Trikke Electric HybridThe Trikke Pon-E was bound to happen. Take the ingenious Trikke design and mate it with an electric motor that can go as far as 28 miles in between charges, and you’ve got fun, economical, green transportation that’s a mile or two ahead of the curve when it comes to electric/hybrid wheels. If a more casual ride is what you are looking for  then check out our Trikke BPV models for some craving using pure body power! Want to prove you can carve in the snow with the Trikke Skki you can do just that.


Duel rear Independent Disc Breaks
Powered Front Wheel Drive
Twist Grip Throttle
Patented 3CV cambering Stability & Comfort Platform
Compact & Foldable Aluminum Fame
Panasonic 36V or 48V Quick Swap Lithium Ion Battery
Average cost 10-15 cents per charge
Up to 28 miles on a single charge
Adjustable bar height
Battery charge indicator
Suggested Weight 250lbs
Suggested Height 5′-6’3″
Recommended Ages 12+
7 Color Options- Austin Trikke Electric Hybrid 36v Color36v Austin Trikke Electric Hybrid 48v Color48v

Austin Trikke

Welcome to Austin Trikke! We offer the entire line of Trikke Products for all ages and sizes, including the Trikke Electric Hybrid and Trikke Skki. We also carry the entire line of Trikke accessories and gear, and back up all our Trikke Sales with the full Trikke Warranty. If you are a little puzzled by how the Trikke works, do not worry  you can schedule full Trikke Training with us so you can mount up and go confidently and safely.

With the three point rider stance, the Trikke is stable, but it does take some effort and experience to get good on a Trikke. That is what makes a Trikke such a great way to get fit and get a full-body workout as well as getting from point A to point B. Give Austin Trikke a call to schedule a one on one Trikke Consultation with a Certified Trikke Dealer and Trainer.

People in Austin, Texas tend to be fitness-conscious as well as environmentally-conscious. With bike lanes, smart-growth development centered in the core of the city (bringing offices, retail and residences close together), people are constantly thinking of ways to forsake their cars on their commutes.  Austin Trikke offers its riders an alternative way to get from point A to point B. Trikkes are an excellent form of transportation from a ride in the park to commuting to work. Austin Trikke can help you find the perfect Trikke for your needs and train you to be proficient and safe while riding your Trikke.

Austin Trikke Take Anywhere Ride Anytime

What is a Trikke?

Trikke Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes lightweight personal transport devices called a Trikke. Trikke can be used for a variety of applications from casual recreation to endurance training.

Trikke Technology


Back in the late 80s, Brazilians Gildo Beleski and Osorio Trentini were sick of skateboards, bicycles and scooters. They were determined to create a body-powered three-wheeled downhill machine, with the stability of a tripod stance and a frame flexible enough for the rider to lean (or camber) into turns. They soon found out that leaning back and forth, to one side and then to the other, was enough to keep the Trikke’s momentum going, even on flat ground.

Trikke Tech Inc.


Over the years, the Trikke was tweaked and modified with ideas like inflatable tires, disk brakes, folding aluminum alloy frames and varying sizes and configurations. By 2002, TIME Magazine had named the Trikke one of the best new inventions of the year. In 2006, the Trikke SKKI was introduced and was soon a hit with snow-sports enthusiasts. Then by 2009, the Trikke Electric Hybrid was introduced, with a brushless electric motor on the front wheel for speeds up to 17 mph allowing riders to travel in cities and rural area with ease. The Trikke offers freedom of mobility to its riders in all facets of lifestyles.

Trikke Network

Growing Relevance:

Trikke is helping to change the world for the better. Trikke riders have been discovering a fun, active, fit Trikke lifestyle that will not only benefit them, but also benefit the environment. With less cars on the roadways, less pollution is produced. Physically challenged individuals are finding freedom in mobility with the Trikke. Trikke riders have the freedom to go any place and participate in a variety of applications on their Trikkes.

Trikke Products

Austin Trikke Products- Trikke BPV, Trikke Electric Hybrid, Trikke Skki

Austin Trikke BVP Trikke’s Body Powered Vehicles consist of 7 different models, ranging from the Trikke T5 child’s model to the Trikke T12 Roadster for the Expert Rider . They link up ingenious design with unique style to make the coolest human-powered vehicle around, hands-down.  Find out for yourself – come down and test drive a Body Propelled Trikke and get an idea which one is going to be the best fit for you.
For more information on Austin Trikke BPV.

Austin Trikke Electric Hybrid Trikke’s Tribred Pon-C is the Trikke Electric Hybrid, for those riders who like a little speed in their workout. It’s the next logical step in the Trikke evolution, a hybrid of human power and a zero-emission electric motor.  For environmentally-conscious, green-minded  Austinites, it’s a perfect fit.
For more information on Austin Trikke Electric Hybrid.

Austin Trikke Skki Trikke’s Skki is the perfect model for those who love to ski, the Trikke Skki gives you the freedom to enjoy your sport without all the bulky equipment.  For snowboarders, skiers or even sledders, the Trikke Skki just makes sense.
For more information on Austin Trikke Skki.