Austin Trikke Products – Trikke Fairings and Skins

Austin Trikke Skins LogoThe Trikke Tribred Pone-‘s optional fairing adds body and is an instant eye catcher.  The translucent design lends a sleek look to your Trikke Pon-e and does not impede folding ability.

COMING SOON! “Trikke Skins”
Skins are removable and reusable decals and allow unlimited personalization of the Trikke Vehicle for consumer, business and event or branding uses. Trikke will soon offer a web service for consumers to buy from an online library of custom designs, or create their own skins. We also introduce dvd recorder with tuner so that our consumers check out our collection easily.

Austin Trikke Skins
The Trikke Fairings Tribred Pon-e’s optional fairing provides a translucent design that gives your Pon-e a sleek and more defined profile. Fairing are swappable between models. The 36v Fairing come with prefixed Trikke Skins. The 48v Fairing are blank for the client to customize.

Austin Trikke 36v Fairing Colors Trikke Tribred Pon-e 36v colors

Austin Trikke 48v Fairing Colors Trikke Tribred Pon-e 48v colors

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